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The Exploring Islam Foundation (EIF) specialises in authoring, publishing and marketing high quality resources which creatively explore the numerous aspects of Islam. EIF was established in 2009 to fulfil the following aims:

  • Challenge misconceptions surrounding Islam and Muslims
  • Raise awareness about the belief, practice, history, and cultures of Islam
  • Collaborate with organisations on humanitarian issues
  • Highlight the contribution of Muslims to society

Our vision is of establishing a Foundation that challenges the damaging stereotypes about Islam through the medium of creative resources. These information packages will provide a comprehensive insight to the faith. We envisage working across the spectrum of media outlets, from traditional print media to innovative e-media. EIF’s initial focus is on promoting understanding in the spiritual, cultural and historical aspects of Islam, and EIF has pioneered a number of groundbreaking publications and multimedia products to achieve that vision.

In 2009 EIF launched ‘The Art of Integration’ book by internationally renowned photographer Peter Sanders, at an event hosted by at the Royal Commonwealth Society, attended by Jack Straw MP and chaired by Mishal Husain. Art of Integration is a collection of images from a cross section of the British Muslim community. These beautiful, insightful and moving photographs capture the essence of the British Muslim identity and opens up a largely unseen world.

EIF is privately funded by donations and is staffed by young professionals from a range of careers. EIF’s patron is Lord Adam Patel and he is supported by a team of ambassadors and advisors.

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